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Essential Knowledge for Georgia’s Adult Educators

Adult Education is a critically important part of Georgia’s educational system. Through publicly-funded programs, the Office of Adult Education works to meet the needs of the adults whose skills are not sufficient to accomplish the demands of modern society. Adult educators work in every county in the state to help Georgia’s least educated adults develop the necessary skills in reading, writing, computation, speaking, listening, and technology to compete successfully in today's global workplace, to strengthen their family foundations, and to exercise full citizenship.

Instruction in publicly-funded adult education programs is accomplished by a blend of full-time and part-time instructors working in a variety of settings. In order to assure that all publicly-funded adult educators have an understanding of the common core on which successful programs are built, the Office of Adult Education has created this website.

The website is designed:

  1. To provide teachers with the essential information they need, in the form of printable handbooks; and

  2. To allow teachers to demonstrate their mastery of each handbook’s content by completing a short online test for each handbook.

The Office of Adult Education encourages every adult education teacher in Georgia to take time to study the handbooks relevant to their work and then take the tests that demonstrate mastery of the content. Instructors who successfully pass the tests will be awarded electronic certificates, and their Program Administrators will be notified of their accomplishments.



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