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About the Mastery Tests

In order to allow adult educators to demonstrate mastery of the Essential Knowledge Handbooks,the Office of Adult Education has developed an online mastery test for each of the handbooks. The following points provide important information for test-takers:

  1. Each test consists of ten multiple-choice questions focusing on the handbooks’ stated learning objectives. To prepare for a specific test, read the handbook carefully, paying particular attention to the objectives noted at the beginning of each section.

  2. In order to demonstrate mastery of essential knowledge you must correctly answer 9 of the 10 items.

  3. There are no trick questions, and experienced adult educators might already know much of what is on the tests.

  4. These are “open book” tests. You may print the handbook and refer to it as you take a test.

  5. However, the tests must be completed by individuals working alone. Please take the tests in a private setting and do not ask for or accept help from anyone during the testing session.

  6. If you successfully answer 9 out of 10, your program administrator will be notified, you will be issued an electronic certificate (suitable for printing), and you will be officially listed in Office of Adult Education records as a teacher who has demonstrated mastery of the specific handbook’s content.

  7. If you do not succeed at the test, you may take it again. However, we ask that you wait 24 hours before re-testing, taking the time for further study in order to ensure your success.



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