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Essential Knowledge
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The Essential Knowledge Handbooks contain the official information that the Office of Adult Education expects every publicly-funded educator to know. The handbooks are continually updated as critical information changes.

The Office of Adult Education urges programs to print copies of the handbooks and to keep them in every classroom for easy reference. In addition, individual educators—particularly new teachers are encouraged to print personal copies of the handbooks for self-directed study.

The handbooks can be viewed online, saved to your computer, or printed by clicking on the icons below. In order to access the documents, your computer must be able to open documents in PDF format. If you are unable to open the documents, visit the following website to download a free copy of Adobe Reader®.

To view, save, or print a handbook, click on the appropriate icon below:

Essential Knowledge for Adult Basic Education and Adult Secondary Education: A Handbook for Instructors Get Handbook Button
Essential Knowledge for Adult English as a Second Language Education: A Handbook for Instructors Get Handbook Button




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